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Which faces suit a semi-fantasy nose? + (Semi-fantasy nose photos)


Nose shape is one of the most important criteria that many men and women care about today. Each person chooses a nose shape based on their preference and wishes to have surgery according to their desired form.


What is a semi-fantasy nose?

A semi-fantasy nose is a combination of a natural nose and a fantasy nose. While the nose retains its natural shape, it also has a slight arch, giving it a beautiful, stylish, and youthful appearance.

What does a semi-fantasy nose look like?
What does a semi-fantasy nose look like?

In this type of nose surgery, your nose will not look completely natural nor too upturned and artificial (like a doll’s nose). It will be somewhere in between. Nose models are chosen based on the individual’s face, and no model has priority over the other.
Based on the consultation session before the nose surgery, your face will be examined by the doctor, and then a decision will be made about the nose model.

In this model, the surgeon maintains the size and shape of the nose in harmony with other facial features. The tip of the nose is slightly more upturned compared to a natural nose, so it will not look very unnatural.


The difference between a fantasy and a semi-fantasy nose

It should be noted that a fantasy nose is smaller than usual and looks completely artificial because the back of the nose is overly curved or the tip is more upturned. This takes the nose out of its natural state. However, in semi-fantasy surgery, a balance is maintained between the two cases.


Is a natural or semi-fantasy nose better?

In natural nose surgery, the aim is to preserve the cartilage, soft tissue, and bone of the nose, and to maintain symmetry and proportion among facial features. In this surgery, the surgeon should consider the harmony between the nose and the individual’s face. In fact, the natural nose suits each individual’s face. In natural nose surgery, criteria such as proportion, symmetry, and function must be observed.

Semi-fantasy nose photos for girls
Semi-fantasy nose photos for girls

The most significant difference between a fantasy nose and a natural nose is the angle of the nose tip with the upper lip. In natural nose surgery, this angle is about 95 degrees, while in fantasy nose surgery, it is around 105 degrees.

The curvature of the nose in the middle section is less in natural nose surgery. In fantasy nose surgeries, since the nose tip becomes upturned, the nasal passages may become narrowed, potentially causing problems for the individual.

Regarding fleshy noses, if you have reasonable expectations from the surgery and the fleshy nose surgery is done correctly and naturally by the best fleshy nose surgeon in Mashhad, the result will be satisfactory.


Is it possible to have breathing problems after surgery?

This is one of the most common questions asked by beauty seekers. In response to this question, it should be said that if you choose a surgeon with experience and high skill in performing semi-fantasy surgery, you will not have any problems, and the surgery result will always be satisfactory. Therefore, choosing the best semi-fantasy surgeon in Mashhad is very important to witness the least complications after surgery.

It is recommended to carefully look at the doctor’s previous work before surgery and talk to your doctor thoroughly during a face-to-face visit.

Semi-fantasy nose photos
Semi-fantasy nose photos

Dr. Elham Azarnoush is considered one of the most experienced and best nose surgeons in Mashhad. Those seeking nose surgery in Mashhad can visit her clinic with full confidence in the surgery results.


Are you a suitable candidate for semi-fantasy nose surgery?

Please note that you should not undergo fantasy nose surgery to fulfill someone else’s wishes or exactly match any ideal photo. This is a completely personal choice and should only be done to achieve your own goals and motivations. Be sure to discuss this with your doctor to guide you correctly.

Semi-fantasy nose model
Semi-fantasy nose model

You can be a suitable candidate for semi-fantasy surgery if:

Your face has fully matured, you are in good physical health, and you have a positive outlook and realistic goals regarding the results of this surgery.


What are the benefits of semi-fantasy nose surgery?

In summary, the benefits of semi-fantasy nose surgery include:

• This surgery offers more beauty and elegance compared to natural nose surgery.

• The semi-fantasy nose model and shape, unlike other forms such as doll or fantasy noses, do not look artificial.
• In semi-fantasy surgery, the nose tip does not become overly upturned and has a more natural appearance compared to a doll’s nose.
• In this surgery, the slight curvature of the nose gives it a beautiful look.

Necessary actions before semi-fantasy nose surgery

A list of actions that should be taken before nose surgery:

  1. Avoid smoking, hookah, and cigarettes for 2 weeks before the surgery.
  2. If you have a history of illness or surgery, inform your doctor.
  3. Provide your doctor with a list of medications you are currently taking.
  4. Take a bath the day before surgery. Be careful not to catch a cold.
  5. To reduce anesthesia complications, avoid consuming liquids and food for 8 hours before the surgery.
  6. On the day of surgery, be sure to bring your pre-surgery tests and imaging.
  7. Discontinue blood-thinning medications like aspirin two weeks before the surgery.
  8. Women should not wear any jewelry or makeup on the day of the surgery.
  9. Men should shave their beard and mustache the day before the surgery.


Post-operative care after semi-fantasy nose surgery

A list of care measures that can speed up your recovery after surgery:

  • Use two pillows when sleeping to keep your head elevated above your body.
  • Take medications prescribed by your doctor on time and regularly.
  • Avoid smoking and cigarettes for at least two weeks.
  • Avoid exercise and heavy activities after nose surgery.
  • Refrain from blowing your nose for a month.
  • Avoid chewing hard foods for a while.
  • Swelling of the nose and bruising around the eyes after semi-fantasy nose surgery is natural in the early days after surgery and will improve over time, so do not worry.
  • Use a cold compress for 24 hours to reduce bruising.


Natural semi-fantasy nose model
Natural semi-fantasy nose model


Cost of semi-fantasy nose surgery

Unfortunately, some people look for the cheapest option for rhinoplasty, disregarding crucial parameters like the surgeon’s experience and skill. These individuals not only fail to achieve their desired results but also face many complications after surgery.

It is worth noting that since rhinoplasty is considered a cosmetic surgery, it is not covered by insurance. Of course, if the surgery is aimed at correcting issues such as a deviated septum, nasal polyps, etc., insurance companies may cover the cost. Click here to find out the latest cost and price of rhinoplasty in Mashhad.


The cost of semi-fantasy nose surgery depends on various factors:

  • The surgeon’s fee
  • The anesthesiologist’s fee
  • The cost of medications needed after surgery
  • The cost of the clinic or hospital where the surgery is performed
  • Geographic location (which city and which area of the city?)

It is recommended to discuss the details of the rhinoplasty cost with your insurance company before undergoing cosmetic nose surgery to obtain the necessary information. : Source

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