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Fleshy nose surgery

Fleshy nose surgery is one of the most common cosmetic nose surgeries performed on individuals with thick and large nose skin, aiming to change the shape and size to ultimately enhance the aesthetic appearance of the nose. In some cases, a fleshy nose can cause depression and reduced self-confidence, impacting the quality of life. However, with the advancement of technology and effective surgical methods in nose aesthetics, the undesirable shape of fleshy noses can be significantly corrected and treated.


Features of fleshy noses

The characteristics and features of fleshy noses usually include the following:

• Thick skin at the tip of the nose.
• Presence of oily pores on the nose skin.
• Thick width of the nasal wings.
• Large nose tip.
• The lower part of the nose appears wider from the front view.
• The nasal wings appear longer from the side view.
• Thin and fragile cartilage.

Before and after fleshy nose surgery photos

The best method for fleshy nose surgery

The method of performing surgery on fleshy noses differs from that of other types of noses. The goal of fleshy nose surgery should be to strengthen the nasal cartilage framework and achieve a narrower nose shape.

The surgeon can reduce the width of the nasal wings from the sides, but this is possible only if the nasal cavities are not too small and removing part of the wings does not cause breathing problems for the patient. Fleshy nose surgery is more challenging and complex than other types of surgeries. Therefore, you should look for the best nose surgeon in Mashhad and a skilled and experienced doctor in this field to achieve the best results from your cosmetic nose surgery using appropriate techniques and principles.

Before and after fleshy nose surgery photos

Generally, the surgeon should aim to strengthen the underlying nasal framework so that the layers on the nose sit well on a strong and stable framework.


Suitable candidate for natural fleshy nose surgery for men

Men with fleshy noses often have larger facial skeletons, more prominent cheekbones, and larger lips, making a narrow and thin nose unsuitable for their facial aesthetics.

Natural fleshy nose surgery for men

As a result, men with fleshy noses who have reasonable expectations from their surgery and undergo the procedure correctly using the natural nose surgery method will be satisfied with the outcome.


What is the difference between fleshy and bony noses?

The determining and distinguishing factor of nose types is the thickness of the nose skin.

The difference between fleshy and bony noses lies in the skin thickness: bony noses have thin to medium skin, while fleshy noses have thicker skin. The skin on the upper part of the nose covering the bone is thinner than the skin on the lower part covering the cartilage.

In general, the more skin issues a nose has, the fleshier it is. The better the skin quality and fewer the abnormalities related to the bony and cartilage part of the nose, the bonier it is.

Natural fleshy nose surgery

The next consideration is the tissue and cartilage. Fleshy noses have weak tissue and cartilage, and since all cosmetic nose surgery work is done on cartilage and bones, this becomes another obstacle (besides thick skin) in reducing the size of these noses.


Distinguishing between fleshy and bony noses

Fleshy noses, compared to bony noses, have thicker skin and a wider and drooping nose tip in appearance. Regarding tissue and cartilage, fleshy noses have weak tissue and cartilage, with a noticeable lack of cartilage and bone. This is a prominent feature of fleshy noses.

Before and after photos of fleshy nose surgery

Bony noses, on the other hand, have thin, medium, and flexible skin. Due to the thin skin, the bony details are clearly visible under the skin. If we describe it in terms of appearance, bony noses have a hump on the nose bridge. Bony noses have strong tissue and cartilage.


Choosing the best surgeon for fleshy nose surgery in Mashhad

It is true that performing surgery on fleshy noses requires sufficient precision and is somewhat more difficult, but all nose surgeries can achieve the best results if performed by an experienced and skilled surgeon who is truly specialized in this field.

You need to be more careful in choosing the best fleshy nose surgeon in Mashhad because a non-specialized individual can cause serious harm to the patient both financially and physically.


Is a fleshy nose reversible after surgery?

It is better to have sufficient information before doing anything. With a little research, it can be found that many comments about fleshy nose surgery lack a scientific basis. Some people claim that the shape of fleshy noses is not stable and returns to its original state after a while. This is not true at all, and fleshy nose surgery can be done just as confidently as bony nose surgery.

Fantasy fleshy nose surgery

Price of fleshy nose surgery

The cost of this surgery depends on the type of fleshy nose and the type of surgery needed. It is estimated based on the problems and abnormalities of the nose by the specialist surgeon. However, fleshy nose surgery is considered more difficult than other nose surgeries due to the delicacies required during the operation, and its cost is calculated based on the fleshy nature of the nose and the type of surgery. Click here to find out the latest cost and price of rhinoplasty in Mashhad. : Source


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