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Natural Rhinoplasty

Natural rhinoplasty is a type of surgery that does not make significant changes to the person’s nose. The goal of natural rhinoplasty is to make limited changes to the nose and address overall nasal issues. Rhinoplasty can have a natural outcome such that people who have never seen the person before do not notice that a natural rhinoplasty has been performed.

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What is natural rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is among the highest percentage of cosmetic surgeries in our country, involving both women and men. People have different tastes and perspectives when choosing their ideal nose.



Many people have issues such as nasal hump, excessively large nose, and disproportionate nose to face ratio, among other problems. They undergo rhinoplasty but worry whether the final shape of their nose will look natural. These individuals often express that they are not interested in significant changes and only want to fix their nasal problems while maintaining a natural appearance that does not show signs of surgery.

Some prefer a natural nose and request correction of their nasal defects with natural rhinoplasty to preserve the natural beauty of the nose. Others, particularly younger individuals, prefer doll-like and fantasy noses that are smaller than the natural size and have more curvature.

Natural rhinoplasty is a type of surgery that improves the shape, size, and symmetry of the nose, enhancing its appearance relative to other facial features.

Natural rhinoplasty is performed to correct aesthetic defects and address nasal issues. In this surgery, excessive curvature is avoided, and the nasal tip is raised just enough to eliminate drooping, as per the patient’s request.

Aesthetic criteria for rhinoplasty

For rhinoplasty, it is important to note that simply reducing the size of the nose to achieve a desired shape will not necessarily enhance facial beauty; instead, beauty lies in the proportion between the nose and other facial features. For example, the length of the nose should be proportionate to the distance from the nasal base to the hairline and from the nasal tip to the chin.

If the nose is shortened, it may disrupt these proportions, affecting facial aesthetics. Additionally, the width of the lips relative to the width of the nose must be proportionate; if the nose becomes too narrow or wide, it can disrupt the balance of facial features.

Benefits of natural rhinoplasty

You should not expect your surgeon to produce a rhinoplasty result identical to someone else’s. Everyone has a unique face, and the nose must harmonize with the individual’s face and facial features.

Natural rhinoplasty sample

In natural rhinoplasty, the changes made to the nose are minimal, so only the defects are corrected. Consequently, the nasal tissue undergoes fewer changes, reducing the likelihood of breathing problems over time. The result is a more natural-looking face, with the nose beautifully harmonizing with other facial features.

Therefore, keep in mind that in natural rhinoplasty, altering the nose to resemble someone else’s will not enhance your beauty because the harmony of the nose with that person’s facial features is what makes it beautiful.

Key criteria for natural rhinoplasty

Before surgery, the rhinoplasty surgeon carefully analyzes and examines the following:

  • Nasal width

Cosmetic rhinoplasty can change the width of the nose on both sides. That means the nose can become wider or narrower after surgery. To create these changes, the surgeon may alter the bones, cartilage, nasal wings, and skin.

  • Nasal symmetry

Cosmetic rhinoplasty corrects asymmetry. Issues like nasal deviation, crooked bones due to injury, or asymmetrical cartilage from previous surgery can be addressed.

  • Aesthetic perception

Curved noses that do not match other facial features will not create a beautiful image. In natural rhinoplasty, the nasal bridge is straight, or the surgeon may create a very subtle curve. A strong nasal bridge should be straight or sometimes slightly full. This fullness of the nasal bridge can enhance beauty for many people. In men, this fullness should be more pronounced than in women.

  • Nasal projection

  • Nasal rotation

  • Nasal wings

Characteristics of natural rhinoplasty

After natural rhinoplasty, the nasal tip is not overly raised, and the bridge is almost straight.

In other words, a natural nose does not have excessive curvature, and the nasal tip forms a 90-degree angle with the upper lip. Additionally, the nasal bridge is not too small and delicate and has a balanced size.

In natural rhinoplasty, the surgeon strives to align the overall structure and shape of the nose with the facial features, ensuring the nose is not overly large or has other defects like a nasal hump.

What to expect from natural rhinoplasty results?

Many people are concerned before undergoing rhinoplasty whether the result will look natural.

Will their new nose harmonize with their face? Will their face look more beautiful?

These concerns are completely understandable and natural.

Individuals should have sufficient awareness before undergoing rhinoplasty to have realistic expectations about the outcome. Choosing a rhinoplasty surgeon who can achieve a natural result is crucial. Many factors must be correctly followed to achieve a natural rhinoplasty result.

Consultation for natural rhinoplasty in Mashhad

In the pre-operative consultation, Dr. Elham Azarnoush will examine and analyze your nose in relation to other facial features. Additionally, the type of nose (revision rhinoplasty, fleshy nose surgery, bony nose surgery, etc.), nasal skin, cartilage, and other factors influence the surgery outcome, and the surgeon will inform you of the expected results considering all these factors.

In natural rhinoplastysamples, the profile is usually straight or with a slight curve, not having the excessive curvature of doll-like noses, while the length, height, and overall volume of the nose restore facial beauty, respecting the patient’s desire to maintain a natural look.

Natural rhinoplasty for fleshy noses

If the surgeon has sufficient skill and experience, they can perform natural rhinoplasty on fleshy noses as well.

Natural rhinoplasty for fleshy noses

For the best fleshy nose surgeon in Mashhad, such as Dr. Elham Azarnoush, this surgery is easily achievable with numerous successful examples, creatively reshaping the nose into a beautiful and natural form.

For consultation and appointments, you can contact Dr. Azarnoush’s clinic at 05138414858.

What is the difference between natural rhinoplasty and rhinoplasty for bony and fleshy noses?

It is important to note that both bony and fleshy noses can undergo natural rhinoplasty. A bony nose has strong cartilage and thin skin, while a fleshy nose has weak cartilage and thick skin.

Thin skin is more suitable for surgery because the surgeon can shape it more easily, but very thin skin can also pose challenges. Since natural rhinoplasty involves fewer changes to the nose, fleshy noses can also be naturally reshaped.

In our article comparing fleshy and bony noses, we thoroughly examine the differences between the two.

Difference Between Natural and Fantasy Rhinoplasty

Many people, when deciding to undergo rhinoplasty, do not even know the exact differences between fantasy rhinoplasty and natural rhinoplasty, which can lead to dissatisfaction with the results due to a lack of understanding.

To understand the differences between these two types of surgeries, consider the following points:

  1. In fantasy rhinoplasty, the nasal bridge is very delicate, and the tip is very elevated. In contrast, a natural nose has a natural size and the tip does not have a significant distance from the lips.
  2. The most important feature of fantasy rhinoplasty is the pronounced curve, which is not seen in natural rhinoplasty. However, in semi-fantasy rhinoplasty, the curve is less pronounced and closer to a natural nose.
  3. The goal of fantasy rhinoplasty is to create extensive changes, but this is not the objective of natural rhinoplasty.
  4. Fantasy noses may suit some individuals, but a natural nose is suitable for everyone.

Why is natural male rhinoplasty more appealing to men?

Men’s facial structure is more bony than women’s, giving them a higher level of attractiveness, so maintaining this attractiveness is very important for men. This has led to an increased desire among men to have a natural male nose.

Natural male rhinoplasty

Additionally, men often want to address and correct nasal functional and breathing issues during cosmetic rhinoplasty, which can be fully addressed through the surgeon’s evaluation.

Natural male rhinoplasty

Given the explanations provided, a nose with an upturned tip and small volume is not suitable for men! The surgeon must consider these factors and use all their experience and skill in male rhinoplasty to achieve the desired result for men.

Key criteria for choosing the best natural rhinoplasty doctor in Mashhad

Trusting an inexperienced surgeon increases the likelihood of poor results, leading to additional costs, wasted time, and most importantly, a lifetime of regret and frustration.

Criteria for choosing a natural rhinoplasty surgeon

Criteria for Choosing a Natural Rhinoplasty Surgeon

When the surgery is performed by a skilled, proficient, and qualified cosmetic surgeon, rhinoplasty can be a life-enhancing procedure, as patients often notice an overall improvement in their appearance after the surgery. Therefore, you must be very careful in choosing your surgeon to achieve the best results from rhinoplasty.

Choose a certified and reliable cosmetic surgeon:

Unfortunately, there are doctors with general surgery degrees or other unrelated medical training who focus on plastic or cosmetic nose surgery for greater profit!

It is better to ask any cosmetic surgeon you consult with: Is your specialized degree certified by reputable rhinoplasty associations? Our view is that patients need a reliable process to know whether their rhinoplasty surgeon is well-trained and experienced in cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Elham Azarnoush, specialized fellowship in rhinology and cosmetic nose surgery

Confirming the rhinoplasty surgeon’s experience

Choose a cosmetic surgeon who is certified in various fields and has significant experience in the procedure you want.

What should you ask a natural rhinoplasty surgeon:

  • How were you trained in the procedure you are interested in?
  • How many years have you been performing cosmetic surgery?
  • How many times have you performed this type of surgery?

Complete familiarity with aesthetic sense

How to determine the aesthetic sense of a cosmetic surgeon?

  • Look carefully at the before and after photos of natural rhinoplasty; compare the achieved results with your expected outcome. Note which results are closer to what you have in mind.
  • Pay the most attention to patients with similar features to yours.
  • Pay attention to patients with a facial structure similar to yours and close to your age, who may have similar considerations and concerns to yours, such as having a long neck or a large nasal hump.

What feeling do the surgeon, clinic environment, and team give you?

You must feel 100% comfortable with the cosmetic surgeon and their support team. Therefore, choose a natural rhinoplasty surgeon you like and trust, ensuring your safety and achieving your desired results. Ask yourself:

  1. Do I like spending time with this cosmetic surgeon?
  2. Can I trust this surgeon to achieve what is best for me?
  3. Do I feel comfortable enough to ask them any questions I may have during the process?

Natural rhinoplasty for girls

Price of natural rhinoplasty in 2021 and 2022

The price of rhinoplasty has always changed over the years according to the inflation rate and financial fluctuations in the country, affecting cost increases.

Regarding the cost of rhinoplasty in Mashhad, it always depends on various parameters, including: Nose type, surgeon’s fee based on their experience, geographic location, cost of pre- and post-operative imaging and tests, cost of the hospital or clinic where the surgery is performed, anesthesia cost, and other factors.

We recommend not seeking cheap costs; it is best to look for experienced surgeons in this field to achieve the best desired results from natural rhinoplasty.

Dr. Elham Azarnoush

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