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Bony nose surgery

Bony nose surgery is currently one of the most common cosmetic nose surgeries among Iranians. To perform it, you need to choose an experienced and skilled surgeon to prevent complications.
In bony nose surgery, the surgeon can easily make changes and shape the nose. Stay with us to get more detailed information about this type of surgery…

What is a bony nose?

Noses with firm cartilage and bone fall into the category of bony noses. A bony nose usually has a hump or bump on the bridge. Additionally, the skin of these noses is generally thinner than that of fleshy noses.
Some people claim that the shape of fleshy noses is unstable and returns to its original state after a while. This is not true at all. Fleshy nose surgery, like bony nose surgery, can be confidently performed by Dr. Elham Azarnoush, the best bony and fleshy nose surgeon in Mashhad.

Some noses are a combination of bone and cartilage, which are also referred to as semi-bony or cartilaginous noses.

It is important to note that nose surgery is only performed by making incisions and osteotomy changes to correct nose defects. Therefore, individuals who want bony nose surgery, or in cases where they want this surgery without surgery and even sometimes mentioned on internet sites as performed by laser, should be reminded that correcting a bony nose is possible only through nose surgery.

Natural bony nose surgery

What is a bony nose like?

In general, the structure of the nose consists of 3 layers:
Layer one: A delicate muscular layer attached to its lower part.
Layer two: Nasal cartilage bone skeleton.
Layer three: The covering of mucus and skin that lies inside and on the surface of the nose.


Methods of bony nose surgery

Bony nose surgery is performed using two methods: closed and open nose surgery. This topic is explained in the article on surgical methods. Please be sure to read this article.

  • Closed bony nose surgery:

In this method, the surgeon makes incisions inside the nose, without making an incision directly on the nasal septum. In this method, the nose is separated from the bone and cartilage, and the surgeon makes the desired changes. Advantages of the closed nose surgery method include: Shorter surgery time, faster recovery, less swelling, and no cuts or scars on the lower part of the nose.
This method can be described as much more complex and difficult than the open method. In this type of surgery, the surgeon must have more accuracy and experience to perform the procedure with special skill and delicacy. Therefore, the surgeon has undergone more training for this method, and not all surgeons can perform this method. Although in some cases closed nose surgery has many advantages over open surgery, in some cases using open nose surgery can be much better and more desirable.
The most important point in nose surgery is the doctor’s diagnosis. The doctor should suggest to you which type of surgery is more suitable for your nose. If you visit Dr. Elham Azarnoush’s clinic, one of the most experienced and best nose surgeons in Mashhad, they will fully guide you in this regard.


  • Open bony nose surgery:

In this method, an incision is made at the bottom of the nose (columella), and from there, the skin is lifted off the nose structure, allowing the surgeon access to the cartilage and bone. This surgery allows the surgeon to have a better view before the operation.

The best model of bony nose surgery

Advantages of closed bony nose surgery

Closed nose surgery has advantages that being aware of them before the operation helps the patient decide more openly about undergoing closed or open surgery. Although the doctor’s opinion in this regard has a higher priority. The doctor is the one who should suggest the method of surgery after examining the nose and conducting various tests on it.

Some advantages of closed bony nose surgery include:

Less scarring and operation marks

Given the type of surgery, no external cuts are made on the surface of the nose, so no external scars remain on the nose. In closed bony and fleshy nose surgery, all incisions are made in the internal areas of the nose, and the surgeon leaves no sign or trace of surgery on the nose, especially on the columella (the skin column between the two nasal cavities).

Better preservation of blood circulation in the nose tip

The biggest and most important point about using closed nose surgery is maintaining blood circulation in the nose tip. This means that after surgery, the nose tip will have good blood circulation just like before the surgery because there is no need for incisions across the columella. Blood circulation in the nose ensures quicker recovery and significantly less swelling, and the nose returns to its original state in a shorter time.

Shorter surgery duration

In general, closed nose surgery requires less time. Due to fewer incisions, the usual surgery time is typically 30 minutes shorter. In this method, the patient needs less anesthesia due to fewer incisions. This can be the most important factor for individuals who are afraid of anesthesia and nose surgery for any reason when choosing the surgery method.
In the end, it should be mentioned that due to the need for experience and long training to perform this surgical method, it is done by some doctors.


Cost of bony nose surgery

One of the main factors affecting the cost of nose surgery is the surgeon’s fee.

Today, cosmetic nose surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries among Iranians. For this reason, many doctors have gained enough skill by performing this surgery multiple times. However, some doctors perform natural nose surgery and this surgery much better than others for the applicant. Naturally, these doctors charge higher fees for performing the surgery.

Other factors to consider for the cost of nose surgery in Mashhad for closed bony nose surgery include hospital costs, consultation fees, pre-surgery tests, and so on. : Source


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