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About Dr. Elham Azarnoush

Dr. Elham Azarnoush

Specialist in ENT Surgery

Subspecialist Fellowship in Rhinology (Cosmetic Nose and Facial Surgery and Sinus Endoscopy)


Dr. Elham Azarnoush completed her general studies in medicine at Mashhad University of Medical Sciences in 2003. During this period, she achieved first ranks in the 1999 basic sciences exams and the 2001 internship exams. She began her specialization in ENT surgery at Tehran University in 2006 and graduated with a specialized board certification. Following this, she completed her specialized training program. Dr. Elham Azarnoush started her subspecialty fellowship in rhinology (cosmetic nose and facial surgery and sinus endoscopy) in 2012 and successfully completed it. Dr. Elham Azarnoush has numerous theses, articles, and presentations in domestic and international journals over the past years.


Currently, Dr. Azarnoush’s clinic in Mashhad is fully equipped to serve both domestic and international patients in various diagnostic fields of ENT and sinus and laryngeal endoscopy.

Contact Information

Address: Ahmadabad Street – Parastar 1 Street – Parastar 1/2 – No. 3/2

Phone: 05138414858

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